Commodore Leasing, LLC

Commodore Leasing, LLC has a privacy policy describing how we protect and use information provided by our customers.


 Effective Date:  April 24, 2013
 This notice (“Notice”) describes the privacy practices of COMMODORE LEASING, LLC, its affiliates, subsidiaries and divisions where this Notice is posted on the website of such affiliate, subsidiary or division (collectively, “Commodore Leasing,” “we” or “us”) regarding information we collect.  We are sensitive to the privacy concerns of our customers and visitors to our websites. This Notice describes the type of information we collect, how we protect and share that information, the options you have regarding the information, and how you can contact us regarding this Notice. 
  We operate as a franchisee of Aaron’s Inc. (“Aaron’s”).  Aaron’s is a third party for purposes of this Notice, and you should consult Aaron’s privacy notice for further information about its practices.  For further information regarding how we exchange personal information with Aaron’s, please see the section below labeled “Personal Information and Aaron’s.” 
  Information We Collect
  We collect Personal Information (which is information that directly or indirectly identifies a particular individual or allows us to contact them) and non-personally identifiable information or NPI (which is information about an individual or about categories or groups of individuals that does not directly or indirectly, and cannot reasonably be used to, identify or contact that individual). 
  Personal Information
  We collect a variety of Personal Information from you when you engage with us.  The Personal Information we collect may include, but is not limited to: name, address, date of birth/age, gender, telephone and mobile phone numbers, email address, social security, financial information (including credit card and other banking information), driver’s license number, vehicle information, occupation and other employment information, and personal references.  We may also collect information regarding your residence, including lease and ownership information. 
  We collect Personal Information from you in a variety of ways.  For example, we collect information you provide when you seek to enter into a contractual agreement with us through one of our store locations. 
  On occasion, we may use third parties to provide us with additional Personal Information about you.  For example, of we know your name and postal address, we may use a third party to provide us with your email address.  We use this information for market analysis, marketing and other business purposes, including enforcement of contractual obligations.  We may also collect Personal Information about you from consumer and/or credit reporting agencies, franchisees and your personal references, among others.  If you provide Personal Information to us regarding others, we rely on you to obtain that other person’s consent for disclosing their information to us and inform that other person about how we will use the information and our contact details for any queries. 
  Non-Personally Identifiable Information
  We collect NPI through many sources, including information that you and third parties provide to us.  We may also de-identify Personal Information (by removing certain data elements such as name, zip code, area code, age, gender, occupation and preferences) that we receive from you or from third parties so that it cannot be used as Personal Information. 
  Online Activities
  We do not maintain a website where we collect Personal Information or NPI from you.  Aaron’s does maintain websites that may collect Personal Information and NPI from you that you may use in connection with your business with us. Aaron’s is a third party for purposes of this Notice, and you should consult Aaron’s privacy notice for further information about its practices. 
  How We Use and Disclose Information We Collect
  We use the Personal Information we collect from you for many purposes.  For example, we use Personal Information to:
  ·         Process, manage, complete and account for transactions, including fulfilling product and service arrangements and collecting amounts payable associated with such arrangements;
  ·         Provide products and services you request;
  ·         Help prevent fraud, unauthorized or criminal activity, claims and other liabilities;
  ·         Operate, evaluate and improve our business, including developing new products and services, managing our communications, performing research and for auditing purposes;
  ·         Market to you our products and services and the products and services of third parties;
  ·         Communicate with you about products and services, including to respond to your comments and inquires, to use “click-to-chat” or equivalent functionality for customer service purposes, and to identify your preferences so we can notify you of new or additional products, services, promotions or events that may be of interest to you;
  ·         Communicate with you about and administer your participation in promotions we offer or are involved in, such as sweepstakes, contests, special events and other programs;
  ·         Enable you to participate in surveys and other research efforts;
  ·         Perform data analysis, including market and consumer research, financial analysis and to measure the effectiveness of our advertising efforts online and otherwise; and
  ·         Comply with legal and regulatory requirements, industry standards or guidelines, and our policies. 
  We may disclose Personal Information (i) in order to comply with laws or legal process, including subpoenas or agency orders and investigations which we determine are required under appropriate circumstances; (ii) as we reasonably determine necessary or appropriate to protect property, or rights or the rights of others; and (iii) to enforce our contracts, policies and customer agreements.  We may disclose NPI in any manner as permitted by law. 
  We may transfer information covered by this Notice, including Personal Information, in connection with a merger or sale (including transfers made as part of insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings) of all or part of our business or as part of a corporate reorganization, stock sale or other change in control.
  Personal Information and Third Parties
  We also disclose Personal Information to our affiliates and to service providers who provide services to us or on our behalf and agree to only use such information for the purpose for which it was provided and in accordance with this Notice.  We may also provide Personal Information to credit bureaus and to third parties collecting amounts owed to us.  We then use this information for market analysis, marketing and other business purposes, including enforcement of contractual obligations.  We may also collect Personal Information about you from consumer and/or credit reporting agencies and your personal references, among others. 
  We may share the Personal Information of individuals who initially provide personal information to us with select third party vendors, business partners and other companies so that they can send you promotional materials about goods and services (including special offers and promotions) offered by them.  After the information is provided to such third parties, the subsequent use or disclosure of such information is subject to those third parties’ privacy policies and practices. 
  Personal Information and Aaron’s
  We share Personal Information you provide to us with Aaron’s.  Aaron’s is permitted to use Personal Information we provide them for all the purposes listed in the Aaron’s Notice of Privacy Practices, including to market Aaron’s products and services on its own behalf.
  We also receive Personal Information from Aaron’s.  Although the collection of that information by Aaron’s will be subject to Aaron’s privacy notice, we may use Personal Information about you we receive from Aaron’s for all the purposes listed in the “How We Use and Disclose Information” section of this Notice, including for market analysis, marketing and for other business purposes, including enforcement of contractual obligations. Please note that contacting Aaron’s is not the same as contacting us for purposes of information about privacy practices or opting out of promotional communications.
  How We Protect Personal Information
  We maintain administrative, technical and physical safeguards intended to protect against the loss, misuse, unauthorized access, or disclosure of Personal Information.  Although we take such precautions seriously, it is impossible for us or others to guarantee the safety and security of Personal Information. 
  Updates to this Notice
  This Notice may be updated periodically to reflect relevant changes in our information practices.  We will post a notice on our website to inform  you of significant changes to this Notice and to indicate the date of the most recent changes to this Notice.  We will also provide additional information regarding changes to this Notice as may be required by law. 
  Your Options Regarding Personal Information
  You may request that we correct, update or amend the Personal Information we hold about you.  To update us regarding changes in your Personal Information, please contact us as described below. 
  You may elect to opt out of receipt of telephone, email and text communications from us by following the instructions provided in such communications or by contacting us as provided below.  Even after opting out, you may still receive service oriented, non-promotional communications from us and promotional communications from other Aaron’s franchisees or third parties as a result of their own interactions or transactions with you. 
  How to Contact Us
  If you wish to contact us regarding Personal Information or this Notice, you may:
  ·         E-mail us at
  ·         Call us at (615) 216-7180 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. central time, Monday through Friday
  ·         Write to us at P.O. Box 58924, Nashville, TN  37205.